Who Are We?

We are the Airsoft Anti-Cheat!
We host competitive Airsoft and Speedsoft tournaments within the UK!
We create airsoft and speedsoft related YouTube videos!
We host a community of competitive players on our discord server!

Our Vision

Our vision is to host airsoft and speedsoft tournaments across the UK and develop airsoft as a competitive sport. We want to create a community where players can put their honed skills and tactical ability into practice against other teams and test their skill!

We Need You!

Get involved, whether that be by taking part in our events, chatting in our discord server, sharing our socials, watching our YouTube videos or by subscribing to our Patreon! All of these things help the Airsoft Anti-Cheat to grow and host bigger and better events!

What Is Competitive Airsoft?

Competitive airsoft is playing airsoft in a competition. This is where different teams play off against each other in order for there to be a winner. Creating a different and more challenging experience than that of casual airsoft such as Skirmish or Military Simulation.

Why Is It Important?

Competitive sports are important for many reasons. They are a good way to grow self-confidence and a strong way to gauge personal skill against others. Competition also pushes manufactures to create higher performance parts due to an increased demand for them.

What Is Speedsoft?

Speedsoft is a format of competitive airsoft where players are not limited to the use of traditional airsoft replica firearms but instead can modify there gun further with a less realistic design to increase performance. speedsoft is a faster and more aggressive gamemode, based of off competitive paintball where players are allowed to have a much larger count of BB’s per round.

Our Involvement

Airsoft Anti-Cheat supports the development of speedsoft by hosting regulated and fair events for players to compete in as well as actively promoting speedsoft as a competitive format of airsoft.