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Airsoft Anti-Cheat creates videos to inform and expand airsoft and speedsoft communities.


We host airsoft and speedsoft tournaments funded by Patreon subscribers.


Via discord we have created a growing community for players to connect and share ideas.

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What is our goal?

We want to grow the future of competitive airsoft!

Airsoft Anti-Cheat hosts airsoft and speedsoft tournaments around the UK. We ensure a fair and competitive environment for players to prove that they are the best! We want develop competitive airsoft as a mainstream sport!

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Why should I get involved with the Airsoft Anti-Cheat on Patreon?

Free Event Entry

Indoors, outdoors or online our events allow players to compete, learn and grow as a competitive player!

Meet New People

Communicate and play alongside or against airsofters from all around the world!

Push The Industy

High demand for performance pressures manufactures to develop higher performance parts!

Gun-Tech support

Any issues with your Airsoft gun? Our technicians will be on tap whenever something needs fixing or upgrading!

About Our Staff

We are ever expanding our dedicated team. Running the Airsoft Anti-Cheat takes hours of work and we are continually pushing to progress the future of competitive airsoft and to create events for all types of airsoft and speedsoft players to enjoy!



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